K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc. is a software development company for international freight forwarders, wholesalers and other industries. K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc. is now serving more than 250 companies located in North America, South America, Asia and Europe since 1991.

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K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc. also has a lot of experiences of developing the Web-based solution for customers in accordance with fast evolving Internet technology environment and Successfully implemented customer's web site with satisfaction.

Our main concern is "Customer’s Satisfaction".

Does your company have any questions for accounting software and Internet solutions (Web Site / Intranet / Web Tracking, etc.)?

Answer is simple. Just consult K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc. With long-term experiences in the industry and customer-oriented business mind, K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc. will definitely be the first and final solution for your company.

Thank you.

Company History

2016   Completed POS system for busy NYC Supermarkets, Delis & Restaurants (KPOSTM)
2015   E-AWB (CX, CI & EVA)
2014   AFR - EDI with Japan Customs
            Completed Brokage Software Certified by CBP (EZ-ABITM)
2013   ISF (10+2) / AMS Certified by CBP (
            KMS - EDI with Traxon, KT-Net (KE / OZ, Etc)
2011   Established business regions toward Peru, Philippines, Chile, and Panama
2010   Established business regions toward Indonesia, and France
2009   Established business regions toward Brazil
2006   Established business regions toward Vietnam, and Malaysia
2005   Established business regions toward India, Poland, and Austria
2004   Established business regions toward Mexico
2003   Established business regions toward England, and The Netherlands
2002   Completed Window-based Wholesaler Program (EZ Wholesale Manager™)
2001   Developed Internet Server Network for clients
2000   Completed Window-based International Freight Forwarder’s Program
            (EZ Cargo ManagerTM)
            Developed Web-based Tracking Program
1998   Established business regions toward Germany, and East Asia
            (Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, and Thailand)
1993   Expanded business regions toward Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
            and Miami
1991   Established in New York City
            Developed the first version of International Freight Forwarder’s Program

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