Consulting, Design & Development

K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc. offers variety of IT services including consulting, system design and integration, network configuration and etc. Following Services are currently offered by K.G.Y.L. Associates, Inc.

・System Consulting
・System Design
・Network Design
・System Integration
・Business Software Development
・Web-based Software Development

Installation & Training

As you purchase EZ Cargo software, we will visit your company to install the software as your scheduled installation date. There is no limit area to visit your company for installation. We will install the EZ Cargo software on your sever side computer, so many clients can access the EZ Cargo software. After finishing the installation, our Technical Support Representative will train you how to use the EZ Cargo software step by step. After training, you can call to us any time if you have any question and problem concerning EZ Cargo software.

・Software Installation

Maintenance & Support

Remote maintenance is conducted over the phone and via K.G.Y.L. Remote Help Service.

・Software Maintenance
・On-line Technical Support

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